So, let’s start with this. I’ve only been vegan since December 31, 2016. However, I’ve been a vegan chef for somewhere between four and five years. It all started when a few years ago, I was hanging with my friend, Russell Simmons, and Thanksgiving was approaching. He didn’t seem to have any plans so I offered to cook and we invited a few friends. He told me it had to be vegan, and since I was living alone at the time and keeping mostly vegan in my home (due to being severely lactose intolerant and unable to justify cooking meat for just myself) I accepted the challenge. And it truly was a challenge, since Thanksgiving was THE NEXT DAY! I did it, it was amazing, and we’ve hosted Thanksgiving together every year since! Throughout the years, he’s gotten on my case every single time he’d see me eat anything from an animal. He’d give me his spiel about how I was putting poison into my body, how eating meat is the “worst karmic disaster in history” and while I was pregnant, how he couldn’t believe that I would feed my unborn babies all of those antibiotics, Prozac and growth hormones. I can say that those sort of scare tactics don’t really work for me, but somehow, I think it was all slowly seeping in subconsciously. One day I just woke up and said, ok, I’m ready… And I set a date. I just needed to be ready, and no one was going to tell me when I would be. I saw every documentary, all the graphic YouTube videos, read Russell’s book, and none of it clicked…. Until it did. Everyone’s journey is different. This was mine. It doesn’t have to be deep or profound. But once you start, the outcome is the same. You and I are no longer contributing to the pain and abuse of the billions of animals that are born into suffering every single year or continuing a pattern of eating ourselves into poor health and chronic disease. We are no longer contributing to the greenhouse emissions that are poisoning our air and making the earth less and less inhabitable for our children (not even our children’s children). We aren’t participating anymore. I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty damn good about that. – Porsche T.

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