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Hi guys! I’m Porsche, and this is August and Berlin. What started as a small idea to create very cute gift cup sets for new and young moms quickly grew into a vision to create a resource for parents of all types. Come on, it’s 2021, and we’re doing things differently! 


As a twin mom to two 4-year-old boys, I’ve felt fortunate but also superbly tired. I’ve learned through my twin boys that all children are different and have different needs, and develop at different rates. A tactic for one child will almost certainly not work on the other, and patience is something to have with your children and yourself.  And that we are capable of nearly anything, but also, we’re still only human. 


We’ve all had to become super-heroes through the pandemic while being broken down to our very core, leaving us simultaneously both humbled and lifted.  We’ve sought out our community and learned more than ever that there is strength in numbers, even if your helpers were on the other end of a keyboard, screen, or phone line.  


I’ve gotten such great advice and could offer it too!  I’ve found that my network is a happy little mama hub, and some papas too! and I wanted to create a place to go much deeper into all the things! 


Come here to share stories, follow my parenting and personal journeys and check out our children’s tableware.  So excited for this journey and look forward to more to come!

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